Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services

By now, you have most likely heard this term used before. For those of you that remain unclear as to what cloud computing actually is, let’s start by defining it.

Cloud computing is essentially software over a network, commonly referred to as “Software as a Service (SaaS).” It allows a user to access their software through a web browser or mobile app, while all of their data is stored on servers at a remote location. This provides businesses with an immense boost of mobility and flexibility, as all that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection.

Cloud Computing Services Include:

  • Email, security and archiving
  • All upgrades and revisions
  • All secure storage space you will need

Constraints of Cloud Computing

You may be asking yourself why all software is not run as a service. There are actually several reasons, ranging from data security to access speeds. One important, and very logical reason is that it critically relies on your internet connection. Slow internet speeds or lack thereof can result in the inability to connect.

The Best of Both Worlds

Virtual DataWorks utilizes a combination of cloud computing and local computing. We have coined this effort, “Hybrid Computing.” Our customers rave over its practicality, versatility and convenience.

According to our I.T. needs analysis of your business, we migrate your non-critical applications to the cloud, while leaving your mission-critical applications to be run locally.

We would love the opportunity to discuss this more in depth with you. Let’s talk.