Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Take a moment to imagine yourself in a situation where a fire devastates your office. No one is harmed, but all of your computers and data are destroyed. Is that data backed up somewhere off-site? When was it last backed up? How long will it take to rebuild your network?  How long will it be down? Worse yet, how long will it take to rebuild your data, if it’s even replaceable?

“93% of businesses that suffer more than ten days of system downtime will file for bankruptcy within a year. Half of all businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately.” – Hewlett-Packard (Feb 2010)

Disaster recovery is by far the most important, yet disregarded of all critical data risks. Without a proper solution in place, you could be part of that 93%. Let us create a plan for your company to follow if a disaster happens. This will include all the essentials needed to restore your company’s data and get your company running as quickly as possible.

Remote Storage Services

Our remote storage secures, encrypts and backs up your data to our secure storage center. This is extremely beneficial if disaster strikes your company or you need to press reset on your data. We can pull your data from our storage center and restore you to the last backup we have on file.