Mobile Web Design

Mobile Website Design

Having a website is almost a necessity for survival in today’s business world. However, as technology expands and more and more internet users are using smartphones and tablets to access the internet – having a website that works well for them has proved challenging in the past. With Virtual DataWorks on your side, this is no longer and issue…

Mobile Websites vs. Responsive Web Design

When it comes to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), having a website which compliments that device’s capabilities is extremely important. In the past, website owners found themselves having a minimum of two separate websites; a normal website and a mobile website. This works very well for some, but can get tedious for several reasons. It means having to manage both of them, and you run the risk of being penalized by search engines for duplicate content. An alternative exists, which solves both of these issues. It is known as responsive website design.

Responsive website design is essentially having one website, which adapts to all devices. One content source, one URL, with many visual adjustments. It is actually quite simple.

To explain this a bit further, try and recall what your last website experience from your smartphone was like. I would be willing to bet that you most likely found yourself “pinch zooming” or scrolling excessively. Perhaps, accidentally pushing a link, when you wanted another that was nearby. These are all user experience nightmares and having a website built responsively can rid them almost altogether.

Let’s talk more about bringing your website up to date and incorporating a responsive structure to keep your mobile users coming back for years to come!