Top 5 Reasons You Need Sophos EDR
Protecting Your Business

Learn how to prevent reoccurring attacks

Security analysts often fear being unable to explain an attack’s occurrence. Simply removing malicious files doesn’t reveal their origin or the attacker’s actions prior to detection. Intercept X with EDR’s threat cases illuminate the events leading to a detection, clarifying the malware’s interactions with files, processes, and registry keys to assess the attack’s impact. It visually traces the attack chain, enabling accurate reporting on the attack’s initiation and progression. Crucially, understanding an attack’s root cause significantly increases the likelihood of preventing future occurrences.

Respond faster to potential incidents

Upon incident detection, IT and security teams prioritize swift remediation to prevent spread and limit damage. EDR accelerates this by enabling immediate isolation of affected endpoints and servers with Intercept X, preventing threat propagation. This tool simplifies the response process, even for less experienced teams, by providing guided investigations, visual attack representations, and built-in expertise, reducing the typical three-hour remediation time.

Sustain IT security excellence and target concealed threats.

Regardless of the organizational structure, IT operations and security staff need an EDR tool that caters to both operational health and security vigilance without compromising functionality. Sophos EDR offers comprehensive tools for IT admins to maintain system health by identifying performance issues, patching vulnerabilities, and securing access points. Simultaneously, it enables cybersecurity experts to detect and investigate subtle threats, providing remote access for in-depth analysis and resolution.

Add expertise without adding headcount

Organizations often cite “staff knowledge” as the main barrier to adopting EDR, reflecting the well-known talent gap in cybersecurity, particularly for smaller organizations. Intercept X with EDR addresses this by emulating the skills of hard-to-find analysts, using machine learning and SophosLabs threat intelligence to provide deep security insights, allowing organizations to enhance expertise without expanding staff.

Detect attacks that have gone unnoticed

In cybersecurity, advanced tools can be outmaneuvered, making attack detection complex. While prevention is essential, EDR adds a detection layer to uncover unnoticed incidents. EDR helps detect attacks by searching for indicators of compromise (IOCs), often initiated by alerts from third-party threat intelligence. Intercept X’s Threat Indicators feature, powered by SophosLabs machine learning, ranks suspicious events to help analysts prioritize their investigations. Analysts can then trace suspicious items across the network and act swiftly to remediate, using SQL queries to identify additional IOCs.

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools are designed to enhance endpoint security by providing advanced detection, investigation, and response capabilities. Despite the buzz around EDR tools, it can be challenging to discern their practical applications and necessity. Complicating the issue is the fact that many current EDR solutions may fall short in delivering value due to their complexity, inadequate protection features, and heavy resource demands.

Sophos Intercept X with EDR offers a seamless integration of sophisticated EDR into the highest-rated protection for endpoints and servers, presenting the most straightforward approach for organizations to address complex security inquiries. This solution stands out as the simplest option for organizations seeking to understand and respond to security incidents effectively. Here are additional considerations for adopting an EDR solution.

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