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Reliability and Customer Service

In the world of IT consulting, few things are more important than reliability and customer service. These two fundamental values are the backbone of our IT consulting services division and have led Virtual DataWorks’ exponential growth since 2011. We strive to exceed customer expectations on a daily basis through each of our various IT consulting services.

Passionate about All Things IT

Virtual DataWork’s IT consultants are here to help you! With our extensive knowledge and experience we can help assess your current state of technology to help get you set up with a program that works best to achieve the goals you have for your company. We take the time to listen to you – let us in on your challenges and your goals. Technology is what we love. It’s why we’re so good at what we do, and why we’re the go-to name for IT consulting in Ohio.

A Range of IT Services

Upgrading your organization’s computers or network infrastructure is a breeze with Virtual DataWorks consultants at your side. We bring the latest and greatest technology and corresponding techniques right to your doorstep.

Upgrading your email system to Microsoft Exchange or migrating to cloud-based email, will provide your company with a robust email and calendar management suite – a necessity in today’s modern, mobile world.

  • Computer Hardware Sales
  • Company Network Design, Installation and Support
  • Computer Software Training
  • Server Migration and Virtualization
  • On-Site Commercial Technical Support
  • Email Sales, Setup and Support
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Beyond supporting your daily IT needs, our expert team of IT consulting experts in Canton, Ohio will evaluate your systems and understand your challenges. We will also make recommendations that will address your current concerns, all while keeping an eye on the future of your business.

Let us tackle the confusing stuff so you can run your business properly. Contact Virtual DataWorks, today.

Business Computer Networking

A company’s network is the backbone of the organization. It is essentially the only way to sustain operation on a day to day basis. Not having the proper configuration or a redundancy solution in place can present total chaos if/when disaster strikes. With Virtual DataWorks on your side, you can be certain that your network configuration is up to par.

Keeping your website and data secure is our number one concern! Since 2011, hacking and electronic theft has quadrupled in attempts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large company or a small company, if hackers want your information- they will try their hardest to get it! With our services, we can provide you with the top of the line security to protect your network, data, assets, users and any other information you may have!

Forward-Thinking IT Experts

Whether you need a proper network configuration or want to secure your sensitive business information, we can help. We provide forward-thinking IT consultancy, focused on increasing business performance with the help of technology.

Our team of experienced Ohio IT professionals will create a technology roadmap that will support you and increase your business efficiency and productivity, all while mitigating risks. We understand that slow networks can halt your productivity, and servers that are too advanced can be a waste of overhead. Our team will find that perfect IT balance, so you can focus on what you do best—running your company, managing your team, and serving your customers.

Workgroups are for the birds…

The majority of un-serviced small businesses operate on what’s called a workgroup. This usually means that each computer on your network has files stored on it, rather than in one central location. Sharing common files from computer to computer can be challenging, especially as more and more users are added. If/when hardware failure occurs, the data loss can be unrecoverable – and migrating that computer’s user to a new machine takes substantially longer than it has to.

Domains are the ideal situation for networks running more than three users that share information. A domain is also ideal for managing files for safe keeping, in the case of hardware failure. If/when hardware failure occurs, the files are stowed safely on the server. We then migrate that computer’s former user to a new machine; it is as simple as logging in as his/herself from another workstation.

A domain is a group of server computers that share a common user account database. This means that a singular administration has control over the network and allows certain users to have access to certain files.

Domain: The Better Business Choice

Workgroups only make sense in very small environments, such as your home or a start-up company that uses less than ten computers. But if you’re a bigger business or one that wants to scale and manage users and sharing, a domain network is for you. Domain, however, is difficult to set up properly and requires the help of experts from an IT firm. That’s where Virtual DataWorks, the leading name for IT consulting in Ohio, comes in.

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