IT Support for Hudson, OH Businesses

Virtual DataWorks is a Managed Service Provider ready to create custom IT solutions for your business. We understand that every company is different and needs different IT solutions- depending on your industry, size, and number of offices. Every business is unique and we want you to be able to focus on that instead of your IT. Our Hudson, OH IT Support services were created around the idea of customizing our services to your company. Whether you need asset support, network monitoring, or our 24/7 helpdesk, we are here with the solutions your business needs to succeed. Our years of experience in IT have prepared us for helping your business find the right solutions.

Fundamental Values

Reliability and Customer Service

These are the backbone of our IT consulting services division and have led Virtual DataWorks’ exponential growth since 2011. We continue our strive to exceed customer expectations on a daily basis through each of our various IT consulting services.

Virtually Unlimited Capability

Best Local Professionals

We have built our company on dedication to our clients and training some of the best local professionals in the field. Imagine having just one company, with virtually unlimited capability and exceptional qualifications, servicing all of your IT needs. A One-Stop Shop for Everything IT Related!

Why Should I Outsource My IT Support?

Outsourcing Infographic
  • Efficiency & Cost

    Have you bought computers for your business that you didn't have time to research well enough? A printer that needs more ink than you ever imagined? A phone system that costs more per line than should be possible? We help you find the best and most cost-effective solutions.

  • Staffing Responsibilities

    Do you currently have your administrative assistant in charge of your IT? Unless they have a Computer Science degree, this probably isn't the best method for managing your IT. Let us handle it instead.

  • Custom Contracts

    We are here to help you with your exact needs, not to sell you on more than you need. We understand the small business model and can help solve your problems.

  • New Technology

    Do you have time to keep up with the latest trends in technology? We're gonna guess not, but we definitely do; when new technology comes out, we can help with the transition to the newest and best technology.

Benefits of Managed IT

The technology in your organization is the backbone of your organization. By having a Managed Services Provider, like ourselves, monitor and manage every PC, Workstation, Laptop, Desktop, Server and network devices you reduce your downtime. We all know the ways of old school IT, your network breaks, you call around and hopefully get someone out within a couple hours, and with any luck they fix the problem in a couple hours. By the time your problem is resolved you've wasted hours, maybe even days, plus your employees time and frustration. Let us help you leverage your technology through a customized managed services program that allows us to:

  • Monitor

    Have a team of technicians watching your network's every move

  • Maintain

    Monitor and maintain every device on your network

  • Support

    Give your employees access to our help desk. We are available 24x7.

  • Strengthen

    Eliminate the need to troubleshoot problems on the network. By having them setup correctly and monitored you significantly reduce the number of "bandages" put in place by different IT providers.

What Makes Virtual DataWorks Different?

There are plenty of Managed Service Providers available to you, so what makes us stand out and makes us the obvious choice? It all comes down to who we are at the core. We are a leading IT Consultant and Managed Service Provider who's main goal is to help you focus on your business by offering Hudson IT Support. When we manage your network, assets, and helpdesk tickets, it's one more thing off of your plate as a small business owner. As a fellow small business, we understand the importance of outsourcing and we want to help you understand too.

Software Licensing

Software is confusing, we'll admit that- current versions, lengthy updates, complicated installs... we've seen it all. We're here to make this process easier for you as your business figures out what type of software you need so we can find the best fit with the correct licensing. If a new or better version is released, we let you know right away and we're always looking for ways to improve your IT.

We offer Office 365 to our clients and solely manage Office 365 for some of our customers- it's a product we truly believe in and encourage businesses of every size to use. Between Outlook and the Microsoft Suite, Office 365 is a great investment and can offer all of the services you need.

Remote Support

We definitely recognize the importance of moving quickly in the small business world. You don't always have time to wait for our team to come out and take a look at your computer. That's why we offer remote services to give you the option of having a technician share your screen and find the root of the issue in an instant.

Remote Support also means we can remote in to save your computer from attacks. Since we are constantly monitoring your network, we see any possible threats and issues coming through on your network to stop them immediately. It's as simple as setting up the best time in your day to remote in, instead of hours of trying to do it yourself.

Hardware Support

When most people set up a computer, they aren't sure which cords go where and what to plug into what. If you have this much trouble setting up the computer, what are you supposed to do when it breaks? Our team of IT experts offering Hudson IT Support can help set up your computer, network, firewalls, and more, and we are there down the road when something happens. We believe in giving our customers the best service experience possible.

In addition to Hardware Support, we sell the best hardware around from our various partners. Check with us for a quote today to get started buying new hardware for your business.

Responsive Customer Service

You may have noticed us mention our 24/7 Helpdesk; yeah, 24/7. No matter the day or the hour, our helpdesk technicians are on call to help you with your every need. We will do whatever it takes to help figure out your problem and come up with the best solution.  Technology is unpredictable and letting us handle it as opposed to figuring it out yourself is definitely a more secure option. Our goal is to help you focus more on the core of your business instead of your IT, so letting us take care of your IT issues before, during, or after hours simply makes the most sense.

As mentioned before, we also offer remote services to help you on the fly- we really are here to make your IT experience as uncomplicated as possible.

File Sharing

Datto Drive is the first cost effective file sync and share platform for business, privately deployed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud. Enable Datto Drive in the secure Datto Cloud, or locally on Datto NAS 3 and SIRIS 3. Keep files and folders in sync across platforms, and share business files inside and outside of the organization.

Whether in the office or on the road, collaborate with partners and employees anytime, anywhere, from any device to get business done, fast.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Having your data backed up is a fundamental requirement of any network environment. However, not all backups are created equal. Many backup systems, software, and procedures are highly flawed. Many times we come across a server backed up to an external drive that never leaves the building. Normally this hard drive is not  a system image, not scanned for ransomware (or viruses), and never tested. Our premium business continuity solutions takes the standard backup procedure to new heights.

Let us Introduce you to our premium backup partner, Datto. Our solutions safeguard businesses from IT disasters, human error and malicious activity. With Datto defending your business, you are guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud.

Backup Solutions

Datto SaaS Protection is the leading data backup and recovery platform for Software as a Service applications. Over three million users rely on SaaS Protection to manage, restore and export critical data in their Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite environments. Easily protect SaaS data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface. Setup takes minutes and automated point in time backups are created three times daily. Restore single files, objects or entire accounts to get back to business in no time.

Today, 1 in 3 companies using SaaS applications have lost business-critical data, with 47% of that data loss caused by end-user error. Disaster strikes in many forms. Businesses face a significant liability if a user deletes or overwrites a file, an email, or a record unintentionally; or if an employee leaves the company and takes their files with them. As businesses increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many IT professionals think traditional best practices such as data backup are outdated. While a SaaS application is always available, accessible from anywhere, and highly redundant, a backup is still necessary to protect against unexpected data deletion.

Our Services

We've been paying attention to the IT needs of small businesses for years now and have tailored our services to those needs specifically. As a small business owner, you know how your company uses IT, but we are here to offer Hudson IT Support and help advance your business' technology.

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Managed VoIP Services

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File Sharing & Backup

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Cloud & Backup Solutions

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Asset Protection Services

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Office 365 Package & Solutions

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24/7 Helpdesk Support


We offer maintenance services for all of our clients and keep up with you regularly.

  • Server and Workstation Backup
  • Onsite and Remote Support
  • Desktop, Sever, and Network Maintenance
  • Desktop, Server, and Network Replacements


Security for your hardware and networks has never been so important.

  • Managing Firewalls
  • Network Monitoring
  • Updating Virus and Malware Programs
  • Emergency Helpdesk Services



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