The 3 Necessities of True Collaboration: A Primer

Today’s blog is a basic primer on what a complete File, Sync, and Share (FSS) solution includes.

Very simply, FSS is a software service that allows you to share all manner of files, documents, spreadsheets and images within an organization as well as with outside third parties, such as customers and prospects. For the average user, the benefit is the ability to work collaboratively using any device or operating system, without having to figure out how to make that all work. However, there is more to a holistic FSS than ease of use. There are 3 key aspects to any complete FSS platform.

1) Collaboration:

These are features such as:

  • Easy access to documents, from anywhere, at any time.
  • All changes to any file are immediately synced across all devices and file servers without any active intervention by the customers.
  • No size limits.
  • Integration with your existing systems, such as Salesforce, Outlook and Microsoft 365.

2) Security:

This is the “behind the scenes” part of a complete FSS solution. File sharing for businesses should be easy and totally transparent. However, it must also be secure. Most importantly, it needs to be meeting industry standards for security. Consumer-grade sharing tools for family photos aren’t appropriate in a business setting. Effective security should include encryption that covers all three points in the content lifecycle: in-session, transit and on-device.

3) Mobile:

Collaboration isn’t effective until you permit universal mobile access that is simple to use. This is the final key to an enterprise FSS platform. As people are pushing their work to mobile from every location imaginable, the ability to access via iOS and Android is an absolute requirement, along with the entire file sharing process. Features such as automated document QR coding make it easy to quickly find a document from a small screen device.

In summary, a complete FSS solution must address the need for workplace collaboration, security and easy mobile access. Without all three, your FSS solution won’t support the needs of your organization.

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