National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

COSO Media, an Ohio based Internet Marketing agency specializing in Social Media Marketing, Website Development and Search Engine Marketing and Virtual DataWorks, a COSO Media company focusing on Managed IT Service, Computer Hardware Sales, Network Setup and Support, I.T. Consulting and more would like to announce that Steve Gosney will be joining us as an Account Executive for both companies. Steve will be responsible for networking with our community to help businesses determine where they have opportunities to grow online as well as improve their I.T. functions.

In an effort to raise awareness we will be participating in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month that is observed during the month of October. Throughout the month we will be sharing and posting blogs with tips and tricks on how to protect against cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is a continuously popular topic and being a victim to a cyber-attack can cost yourself or your company a lot of time, pain and money. Get engaged and educate yourself and your employees on the risks that cyber-attacks can have. When it comes to cyber security, every business should have a plan for their employees, training and awareness that emphasizes risk management.

Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks to start taking action against being a victim to cyber-attacks.

Tips and Tricks – Steps to online safety  

  • Lock down your login – often times usernames and passwords aren’t enough to protect important accounts like banking, email, and social security, enable the strongest authentication tools available, like multi-factor authentication for online accounts
  • Keep your machine clean – Make sure to update your software regularly on internet connected devices including PC’s, smartphones, and tablets to reduce the risk of malware.
  • Treat personal information like money – Protect your data by being careful on how you give out your information on apps and website, such as when you make a purchase online, it has value, just like money.
  • Own your online presence – When you post online, make sure to check your privacy setting and limit who can see your content. Cyber criminals could have access to important information so it’s important to keep all personal information private.
  • Share with care – Think before you post, who can see this post and what information you may be putting out there about yourself or others.
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