Today’s Predications for Tomorrows Internet

Today we live in a world of technology everywhere we go. In this world of smart objects, whether it is a fitness band that tracks our eating and exercise, an app that controls our thermostats in our homes, a Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, apps and connected devices bring tremendous levels of convenience to our lives to ensure efficiency.

As Americans, we embrace these technologies while most are cautious of the risks. When it comes to sensitive information such as online banking and keeping credit card information online or our address and location is the fuel that makes these devices work. The more devices we are connected with the less control we have over how this information is shared and makes it harder to control.

Securing our connected devices to keep our sensitive personal information safe from any cyber threat is very important. During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Homeland Security encourages you to follow these tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks – Connected Devices

  • Make sure you trust the app or device – Security of apps and connected devices often lacks, so be the vendor of the device or creator of the app is reputable. Read reviews and research the product to avoid being scammed.
  • Know what information you’re sharing – Be sure when you download or purchase an app to read the privacy policy (something a lot of us just breeze over and move forward) to understand what information they will be collecting about you. Cyber-criminals use personal information to steal our identity and money. **Make sure the app does not share our information public.
  • Update your apps and devices – Malware and Virus’s exploit outdated software, make sure to keep all your devices up to date to avoid potential cyberattacks. Also, be sure to delete apps that you no longer use or do not sure frequently.
  • Secure your home network – Cyber criminals potentially could access all your internet connected devices by hacking our home Wi-Fi network. Change your factory set passwords and usernames on your home Wi-Fi to keep them more secure.
  • Set strong passwords – Make sure to always change default passwords, and use different passwords for each account. Setting long, unique, hard to guess passwords is one of the most important and secure things you can do to protect online accounts.





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