Make File Sharing with Clients Easy

As a vendor or even a customer, have you had the experience of working with a new company and having to learn yet another file sharing platform? Worse, have you found that it wasn’t compatible with your files, or that there were little quirks that slowed down the process as you learned the software? It can be annoying, and it can take a considerable amount of time. File sharing with clients is an important touch point.

What’s going on in your organization? Have you ever considered that your file sharing environment is a critical client touchpoint? Consider these questions:

  • Can they learn the system quickly?
  • Is it used across the entire organization, or do individual units use different tools?
  • Can a client access via any mobile device whenever it is convenient?
  • Is everything accessible via all operating systems?
  • Do they feel secure sharing confidential data?

Sharing and collaboration should be easy, intuitive and secure.

Every client touchpoint matters, and if your collaboration tools are perceived to be insecure, clunky, disjointed or inaccessible, you potentially damage a piece of your brand and your client relationships. Contact us today to set up the best and easiest File Sync & Share platform for your business.

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