Use File Sync & Share as a Good Branding Opportunity

Are you letting your employees use any file sharing solution they want?

Are they collaborating with clients over different platforms?

Sharing files via email, text and consumer-grade File Sync & Share (FSS)?

Aside from the security risks you are taking and the (in)convenience factor, is this really putting the company in the best light?

Think about the impact to your branding when you share files with a client using clunky, hard-to-use tools, methods that risk data security, or unintuitive platforms that require a learning curve for your clients and prospects. You inconvenience them and you put their files at risk. It sends a negative message—one that could harm your brand. Your brand and your customer should be your highest priorities- so what happens when you give your customer the wrong impression of your brand?

Using an MSP like Virtual DataWorks means you can focus on your brand and your customer without having to worry about your technology. We take care of your network, assets, and backups so you don’t have to.

Our partnership with Datto also allows for the opportunity to implement an enterprise-grade File Sync & Share system. Constantly providing your employees with he right branding elements keeps your brand safe and also allows for the ability to securely share files with your customers.

Remember, any customer touch point is a “branding” moment.

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