Microsoft 365 Akron Ohio

Microsoft 365 Akron Ohio

Transitioning into Microsoft 365 in Akron, Ohio, might be a natural choice for you. This is an application that offers enhanced mobile access to all your information, a boost in infrastructure management, and significant cost reduction. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that it has been thoroughly tested and proven by millions of commercial entities.

However, making the change to Office 365 is only the start of a beautiful digital transformation. What this does is do planning for the support and administration of the program is essential to consider. While making sure that Microsoft Office training in Akron might not be a significant part of your business, remember that this is a valuable software suite your company will likely use daily.

Should You Hire An Akron IT Services Company?

For many businesses, administering Microsoft 365 Business can take a great deal of time. It is often better to outsource the support tasks to 365 experts in Akron so that your in-house team can focus on other daily business functions. Selecting the right team for training will provide your business with many advantages, including:

  1. Improved efficiency.
    Smooth migration to Office 365 begins with an analysis of your needs as a business. From there, you can prepare for the migration process. Migration into Microsoft Office 365 in Akron, Ohio, should include change management and various training activities. It will generally depend on the internal skillset of your staff, but most businesses focus on:
  • Using the cloud products
  • New networking infrastructure
  • Data security
  • Integrating current processes with Office 365
  1. Growing faster while saving time.
    During migrating, your current tech team will not be available to perform any unrelated IT functions for about a week. The time for migration varies depending on experience. Can you afford your company to operate at about 50% capacity during the process? After the migration, your team will have other time requirements to address user support.
  2. New hire onboarding efficiency.
    This program can be a helpful tool for onboarding and offboarding employees. You have the unique ability to organize live trainings connect brand-new talent with other staff, schedule onboarding sessions, share various training materials, and much more. As you offboard, this platform allows for saving content in the old employee’s mailbox, preventing the employee from getting into Office 365 services and other options.
  3. Impressive cybersecurity.
    When undergoing Office 365 training in Akron, OH, you will find that the program is entirely HIPAA compliant and in line with many other cybersecurity regulations. The program offers you total control over who can gain access to all information and files. However, your business in Akron can never be too secure. We are always here to help at Virtual DataWorks!

Is it time for you to think of migrating into Microsoft 365 in Akron, Ohio? We can address any questions and set you up with a time to start the process. Get in touch with our team at Virtual DataWorks with any questions or concerns you have, and our team is happy to help. If you are ready to have a free consultation, call (330) 800-2186.

Microsoft 365 Akron Ohio

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