In an increasingly mobile world, businesses need convenient and quick ways to  connect and communicate with customers. Customers’ preference for using text messages to contact businesses is growing rapidly, and Virtual DataWorks SMS opens up an essential communication channel using your business phone number.

SMS protects your employee’s personal contact information, gives your business a highly professional appearance, and creates a new channel for smooth, efficient communications with customers. Learn more about our SMS features below:

Send/Receive SMS/MMS

SMS allows users to send 1-to-1 or group SMS messages (text) or MMS (images/video/documents) to customers and colleagues through the UC and mobile via their business phone number.

List View

All of a user’s messages are displayed in a descending list format, with their most recent messages at the top, along with message previews and bold/unbolded text for unread/read messages.

Detailed Message View

Individual messages are displayed with timestamps, message history, participant lists, and new message line indicators, so you always know when you left off.

Contact Matching

Phone numbers displayed in th UC are automatically replaced with known contact names within SMS conversations.

Create New/Add to Existing Contact from within a Conversation

Unrecognized numbers in an SMS conversation can be quickly added to a user’s contact list, or added to an existing contact.

Delivery/Failed Delivery Receipts

SMS indicates whether a message was successfully delivered or not.

Name 1-to-1/Group Conversations

For easy identification, users can label their 1-to-1 or group conversations within the UC.

Message Notifications

Users are notified as messages come in via notifications on their browser and within the the UC interface, and with unread message count badges within the List View.

Search Capabilities

Messages can be searched by name, phone number, or conversation title.

Leave a Conversation

Users can choose to opt-out of a conversation at any time by leaving the conversation. If a conversation is left and a participant responds the full message history is still preserved.

Mute a Conversation

When a conversation is muted, there will be no desktop or window notifications or sounds. Only badge counts will display.

Click-to-Dial Within Messages

Users can start a voice call with the participants of a conversation within the SMS message screen.

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