Office 365 Cloud Backup

Office 365 Cloud Backup- Data Protection and Data Recovery Solution

Virtual DataWorks now can offer your company Cloud Backup service- A complete data protection and data recovery solution. This is a new cloud-to-cloud service that offers unlimited backups, lightning fast search and 1-click restore of your Office 365 email, calendar, contacts, files and folders stored in OneDrive for Business and on SharePoint.

So, why choose the Office 365 Cloud Backup Service? Here are a few reasons...

Office 365 & the cloud don't prevent data loss

An Aberdeen Group study, found that 32% of the companies surveyed had experienced data loss in the cloud.


Data loss can be costly

Pepperdine University calculated the predictable cost per data loss to be $3,957. However, depending on the content lost, that cost could he higher and even more devastating to a business.


Data Protection and Data Recovery Solution required of Office 365

To protect against the risk of data loss, companies need a solution that combines both: Complete Data Protection and Rapid Data Recovery


Office 365 Exchange does not provide a complete data protection and recovery solution

Office 365 Exchange E1 includes a 14-day retention period for permanently deleted items. After that, there is no data recovery.


Expanded Office 365 Data Protection features are not designed for quick and easy data recovery

Expanded Office 365 features i.e In-Place Archiving and Litigation Hold, available with E3+ Licenses address Data Protection, but are not designed for quick and easy Data Recovery.

  • Policy set-up and management are required and can be complex and expensive.
  • Recovery of lost data requires extensive time, resources, and expertise.
  • Data cannot be restored as it was where it was because the data was captured in transit and not at rest, and is thus unstructured.

Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive for Business do not provide a complete data protection and recovery solution

  • Data Protection: SharePoint and OneDrive for Business items in the recycle bin are retained for a maximum of only 186 days.
  • Data Recovery: After 186 days, items in the recycle bin are unrecoverable.
  • Data Protection in SharePoint and OnDrive for Business cannot protect against other data-loss threats.

Cloud Backup provides a complete data protection and recovery solution for Office 365 Exchange, Sharepoint, and OneDrive for Business

Complete Data Protection

  • Easy to set up with nothing to install
  • No data caps
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Auto-discovery of new users
  • Up to 6 snapshots daily

Rapid Data Recovery

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Powerful search
  • 1-click restore right back where it was without any costs, stress, expertise, or time-consuming processes

Cloud Backup covers Data Protection and Recovery Risks

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