Make File Sharing with Clients Easy

File Sharing with Clients

As a vendor or even a customer, have you had the experience of working with a new company and having to learn yet another file sharing platform? Worse, have you found that it wasn’t compatible with your files, or that there were little quirks that slowed down the process as you learned the software? It…

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End Version Control Nightmares

End Version Control

Did you send out a Word document for a client or colleague to review today? If you answered yes, here are four reasons to stop doing this: Time delays – Edits cannot happen in real time. You write the document, send it, they review and edit it, add comments, then they send it back to you.…

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Check for Gaps When It Comes to Sharing Files

File Share Gaps

Every technology department is keenly aware of the risks of data breaches. Maintaining digital security is a key priority for CTO/CIOs. Technical departments launch fake internal phishing scams to test employees. Despite these efforts, there remains an important daily disconnect that risks the integrity of your internal data and your client’s confidential information. That disconnect…

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File Share Access: Is it Time for a Policy?

File Share Access

Autotask offers a set of tools that allow you to ensure optimized collaboration across all levels within and outside the organization. A key part of this collaboration is the security features that permit you to create access settings for content, people and devices. These features are critical for maintaining security and protecting the integrity of…

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Don’t Allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Yes you do.


It is most likely your company allows some or all your employees to use their own devices in lieu of work-issued laptops, tablets and mobile devices. There is almost no way to enforce a no-BYOD policy outside office walls. Inevitably, someone will receive a text or email that is work-related on their personal device. Somewhere…

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