Business Computer Networking

A company’s network is the backbone of the organization. It is essentially the only way to sustain operation on a day to day basis. Not having the proper configuration or a redundancy solution in place can present total chaos if/when disaster strikes. With Virtual DataWorks on your side, you can be certain that your network configuration is up to par.

Keeping your website and data secure is our number one concern! Since 2011, hacking and electronic theft has quadrupled in attempts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large company or a small company, if hackers want your information- they will try their hardest to get it! With our services, we can provide you with the top of the line security to protect your network, data, assets, users and any other information you may have!

Workgroups are for the birds…

The majority of un-serviced small businesses operate on what’s called a workgroup. This usually means that each computer on your network has files stored on it, rather than in one central location. Sharing common files from computer to computer can be challenging, especially as more and more users are added. If/when hardware failure occurs, the data loss can be unrecoverable – and migrating that computer’s user to a new machine takes substantially longer than it has to.

Domains are the ideal situation for networks running more than three users that share information. A domain is also ideal for managing files for safe keeping, in the case of hardware failure. If/when hardware failure occurs, the files are stowed safely on the server. We then migrate that computer’s former user to a new machine; it is as simple as logging in as his/herself from another workstation.

If you find yourself faced with any of these challenges and are ready to take a step in the right direction, we would love to submit a quote. Let’s talk.